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Plans change direction-much like the wind.

Inclusivity ride 2019. Beijing to Mohe. 2615km traveled in 37 days. (See Route in Blue)

Originally intending to journey eastward to Kashgar in China as part of his Inclusivity ride mission, Samuel found himself adjusting his course due to unforeseen factors.

Samuel, the founder of the Ajmal Samuel Foundation, a prominent entrepreneur and athlete who has lived as a paraplegic for 35 years, embarked on his Inclusivity rides after a successful fundraiser ride in China in 2019.

The rides embrace diversity, welcoming individuals of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds to join him and his team as they traverse different parts of the world. After the triumph of his Mohe journey, Samuel's aspirations took a different turn. Ajmal Samuel Foundation proposed a daring new endeavor: a hand-cycling odyssey from Kashgar in China to Karachi in Pakistan, spanning over 3000 km through the Himalayas.

However, external factors such as the emergence of Covid-19 and shifts in the Pakistan political landscape prompted Samuel to alter his plans. Resilient and adaptable, Samuel set a new course, this time heading west.

Vilnius. Capital of Lithuania

As of August 20, 2023, the ASF team will commence a 3000+ km ride from Vilnius, Lithuania, traversing the Baltic states to Finland, Sweden, and Norway, concluding in Oslo after 45 days. Samuel's journey proves that disability doesn't hinder the enjoyment of life or the pursuit of remarkable achievements.

Join the expedition, follow updates, and tag along on this inspiring adventure."

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