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The Unbelievable Lightness of Being

In the realm of Norse mythology, where gods and giants once roamed, a unique kind of light bathes the landscape. It's an otherworldly radiance, one that sets the Nordic territories aglow. This is the light that dances upon the waters of Norse rivers, lakes, and streams, casting an enchanting spell upon dew-kissed foliage.

The enduring dragonfly, which has gracefully glided through Earth's skies for over 300 million years, their staying power in the face of challenges and changes remains an inspiring example of resilience.

In this distant corner of the world, where the sun grazes the horizon at a sharp angle, the phenomenon of light is transformed into something extraordinary.

Day 24 starts in Holmsund, infront of the Vasterbachen hotell

Day 25 starts in Vindeln, besides the Vindelälven (Vindel River)

Day 25 ends outside the Hotell Lycksele, Lycksele Sweden.

Ultimately, it all comes down to Ajmal Samuel. He kick-starts the day, and he's the one who wraps it up. But it's the incredible journey in between that truly embodies the essence of inspiration.

In the Southern Hemisphere, a land like New Zealand boasts a crystal-clear atmosphere, where light knows no bounds. It bathes everything it touches in an intensity that can be blinding. Astonishingly, here in Sweden, in the far reaches of the north, we encounter the same awe-inspiring effect. It's as if the very essence of light has conspired to leave us spellbound.

This is, in part, the reason why we find ourselves here, on this extraordinary odyssey through the Baltics and Scandinavia. It's a journey into the heart of charm—a charm that radiates from the very land itself. Ajmal Samuel, the intrepid hand cyclist, chose this corner of the world not only because it was on his bucket list, but also because he knew that the forests, fjords, and the incredible play of light would work their magic on his spirit.

In the heart of a forest, a river of liquid sunlight winds its way through the emerald glades, its waters alive with the soft, silvery glow of ancient magic, while ethereal creatures of the woods dance along its banks beneath the watchful gaze of ageless trees. The Vindel river. Vindeln. Sweden

Sport is his sanctuary, a means to escape the daily reminders of a body that doesn't always cooperate.

Looking like an A-Wing Starfighter in Battlestar Galactica, flying amongst a galaxy of stars, Ajmal Samuel does battle with the high hills on the aggregate speckled road to Lycksele.

Journeys like this are his elixir, a blend of seeing and doing that makes life's challenges more palatable. Ajmal isn't just conquering lands; he's on a charm offensive, determined to share the enchantment he discovers in these lands with the world.

For he knows that the Baltics and Scandinavia have the power to bewitch. He knows that pristine beauty can soften the hardest of hearts. And so, as he embarks on this conquest of his fourth country, Sweden, it's about more than just achieving his goals. It's about capturing the essence of this bewitching journey.

His charm offensive extends along waterways steeped in centuries of history. As we venture westward toward Norway, we anticipate that these aquatic pathways will become our constant companions. We're prepared for cold, soaking rain, and winds that whip through our spirits. We're ready for landscapes draped in mystic veils of mist.

In the land where Norse gods once roamed, we find ourselves bewitched not by the supernatural, but by the very real and tangible magic of light and land. In this dance of Nordic radiance, Ajmal Samuel's journey becomes a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration—a call to conquer not just lands, but the boundaries within ourselves.

Granite cliff, Lake Lycksele

Ajmal Samuel, flies his flags of independence, besides the Vindel River. 15 September 2023.

TOTAL DISTANCE COVERED: 1,246.15KM (16 September 2023)

Day 25 -Vindeln to Lycksele 75.75 km

Day 24 -Holmsund to Vindeln 75.7km

Day 23 -Vaasa to Holmsund (Ferry Ride)

Day 22 -Rest Day Vaasa

Day 21- Rest Day Vaasa

Day 20 -Narpes to Vaasa 79.8km

Day 19- Merikarvia to Närpes 93.76 km

Day 18 -Pori to Merikarvia 52.8km

Day 17- Rauma to Pori 57.9km

Day 16 -Uusikaupunki to Rauma 47.4km

Day 15 -Turku to Uusikaupunki 73.5km

Day 14 -Helsinki to Turku (Car)

Day 13 -Tallin to Helsinki (Ferry ride)

Day 12- Tallin Rest & Recharge

Day 11- Märjamaa to Tallin 72.17

Day 10 - Pärnu linn to Märjamaa 64.1km

Day 9- Pärnu Rest & Recharge

Day 8 - Salacgriva to Pärnu 75km

Day 7 - Riga to Salacgriva 104.4km

Day 6 - Riga Rest and Recharge

Day 5 - Plieņciema kāpa to Riga 60.14Km

Day 4 - Kuldiga to Plieņciema kāpa 108.59Km

Day 3 - Liepāja to Kuldīga 97.34Km

Day 2 - Sventājato Liepāja 62.11Km

Day 1 - Klaipeda to Sventāja 42.89Km

Join the expedition, follow updates, and tag along on this inspiring adventure."

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