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'Knowing where you are going, is the first step to getting there'.

'Knowing where you are going, is the first step to getting there'.

This could be one of Ajmal's sayings. You see he lives by a code of conduct, instilled in him during his time in the Pakistan military. Planning is everything!

He loves maps. Don't we all. Looking at them we feel a sense of excitement. The more basic the map, the more it forces our imagination. To try visualize the lie of the land. We love to fill in the blanks between the borderlines. Contour lines. But he would agree, as many of us do, that Google Earth with all its detail is a real treat for the armchair traveler.

But AS is no armchair traveler.

He's going to hand cycle this route over a 45 day period. A journey as we study his chosen route, looks like it could equal the distance of cycling around the United Kingdom. Repeat. In just over a month! That in anyone's book, is a feat. A feat for an able bodied cyclists with his legs for power. AS, uses his arms! Think about that. Many of those who know him, and work for him, reflect on his steely determination almost every day.

See the route. Specifically chosen to enhance his senses, test his endurance levels and entertain his followers with photographs of breathtaking locations.

Day 1 - From Luizė to Nīca

Day 2 - From Nīca to Aizpute

Day 3 - From Aizpute to Sabile

Day 4 - From Sabile to Vaivari

Day 5 - From Vaivari to Veselība

Day 6 - From Veselība to Ainaži

Day 7 - From Ainaži to Tori

Day 8 - From Tori to Alu

Day 9 - From Alu to Suomenlinna

Day 10 - From Suomenlinna to Täkter

Day 11 - From Täkter to Tenala

Day 12 - From Tenala to Piikkiö

Day 13 - From Piikkiö to Vinkkilä

Day 14 - From Vinkkilä to Hankkila

Day 15 - From Hankkila to Ahlainen

Day 16 - From Ahlainen to Östra sidan

Day 17 - From Östra sidan to Molpe

Day 18 - From Molpe to Byviken

Day 19 - From Byviken to Brattfors

Day 20 - From Brattfors to Strömsön

Day 21 - From Strömsön to Herrskog

Day 22 - From Herrskog to Björknäset

Day 23 - From Björknäset to Kälarne

Day 24 - From Kälarne to Brunflo

Day 25 - From Brunflo to Tulleråsen

Day 26 - From Tulleråsen to Hotagen

Day 27 - From Hotagen to Sandvika

Day 28 - From Sandvika to Namsskogan

Day 29 - From Namsskogan to Holmvassdalen

Day 30 - From Holmvassdalen to Leirfjord

Day 31 - From Leirfjord to Tjøtta

Day 32 - From Tjøtta to Vik

Day 33 - From Vik to Kolvereid

Day 34 - From Kolvereid to Namsos

Day 35 - From Namsos to Osen

Day 36 - From Osen to Åfjord

Day 37 - From Åfjord to Vanvikan

Day 38 - From Vanvikan to Fannrem

Day 39 - From Fannrem to Liabøen

Day 40 - From Liabøen to Eide

Day 41 - From Eide to Molde

Day 42 - From Molde to Stranda

Day 43 - From Stranda to Geiranger

Day 44 - From Geiranger to Bjorli

Day 45 - From Bjorli to Lalm

Day 46 - From Lalm to Hundorp

Day 47 - From Hundorp to Vingnes

Day 48 - From Vingnes to Ottestad

Day 49 - From Ottestad to Hauerseter

Day 50 - From Hauerseter to Vika

In 10 days from today, the journey will begin. The excitement and anticipation is palpable. Those planning the travel logistics, his wife Carol and Mark are busy looking at the route and considering accommodation options. His PR teams in London are directing social media strategies. His official photographer is meticulously sorting through gear and working out an optimal camera ensemble.

And well his dog Mario might be wondering if he's getting left behind again. But he shouldn't worry too much. When Ajmal and Carol are busy traversing the wilds of Scandinavia, getting rained on and feeling the high north chills, Mario will be at home safe and warm, with the house to himself, a well stocked food larder and a tentative doggy sitter on stand by to cater to his every need.

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