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Discovering the Enchanting Wonders of Cape Town - South Africa

In the pursuit of a soul-stirring experience, we direct our gaze towards Cape Town, where an extraordinary journey begins. Accompanied by the talented photographer/videographer and fellow adventurer, Richard Dobson and Carol Cheng, the next 20 days promise a tapestry of exhilarating activities and indelible escapades. From scenic drives and paragliding to scuba diving and even handcycling through Namibia, our expedition will ultimately lead us to the captivating landscapes of Namibia. Join us as we guide you through this incredible journey, spotlighting the beauty of Cape Town's scenic wonders and the heartening tales of those we encounter.

Day 1 - Captivating Cape Town: Upon our arrival in Cape Town, the air is electric with anticipation as we unite with Richard Dobson, our trusted companion and documentarian for the adventures that lie ahead. Over the next 20 days, we delve into the diverse array of activities and experiences that this vibrant city has to offer. Winding our way along the picturesque Cape Town peninsula, we explore the breathtaking locations of Hout Bay, Chapman's Peak, Kommetjie, Simon's Town, Muizenburg, and Constantia. The stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas serve as a poignant reminder of the boundless beauty that our world possesses.

Day 2 - Inspiring Tales of Triumph: Among our myriad escapades, we pay a visit to the Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre, a distinguished QUAD House in the Western Cape. Noteworthy is the resident-led management, evident in their pride and commitment to the center. As we listen to their remarkable life stories, we are deeply moved by their resilience and strength in the face of adversity. From individuals who endured spinal injuries while diving into pools to those who became paraplegic due to gunshot wounds, their stories of struggle and triumph resonate deeply within us. Andrew Grobler, Chairman of the House, encapsulates the center's mission: to provide independence, growth, community, and the highest quality of life for their differently-abled residents.

Day 3 - Seeking Thrills Beneath the Surface: Originally planning a cage dive with great white sharks, we learn that their numbers have significantly diminished, making spotting them increasingly challenging. Undeterred by this change of plans, our eagerness to explore the captivating underwater world remains undiminished. Filled with anticipation, we plunge into the depths, ready to immerse ourselves in the wonders that lie beneath the surface.

Post-dive, we had the privilege of catching up with Alan Downey from Disability Info South Africa. Alan has played a pivotal role in facilitating our connections with various disabled communities and uncovering disabled-friendly activities and facilities available in South Africa.

Day 4 - Paragliding in Cape Town: Soaring Above the City "Sky is not the limit, it's just the beginning." Today, the Cape Town wind Gods smiled upon us, granting the perfect conditions to take flight. Early morning, a call from Matthew Van Zyl from Adaptive Paragliding beckoned us to Signal Hill, where the promise of soaring adventures awaited.

Kitted up in the flying tricycle I've eagerly awaited, I embarked on three tandem flights with Mathew. The wind carried us from Signal Hill to Green Point, a journey that only pilots with a sports rating can undertake - I still have a long way to get there. The feeling of being suspended in the air, gliding above the city, made me feel truly alive.

Grateful for the opportunity to dance with the winds and experience the breathtaking views of Cape Town from above. Here's to breaking limits and embracing the limitless possibilities that stretch beyond the sky.

A special thanks to Matthew van Zyl from Adaptive Paragliding, his crew on Signal Hill, and his mother for ferrying me up from the landing site to Signal hill launch site.

With each passing day, our adventure unfolds, unveiling both the natural splendor of Cape Town and the spirit of its residents. Our journey takes us from the thrilling exploits of paragliding and scuba diving to the deeply moving encounters at the Quadriplegic Center. Stay tuned as we continue to share our captivating experiences and the inspiring stories of those we meet along the way.

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