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Kai Tak. Back to the Future

Backstories serve a crucial role, acting as a compilation of past events and circumstances predating the main narrative, often found in mediums like books or films. They are akin to a character's life puzzle, which, once pieced together, unveils interconnected fragments of their history, shedding light on their personality and motivations, essentially shaping their essence.

Take the example of Ajmal Samuel, a well established entrepreneur and extreme athlete, whose captivating success story is built upon a noteworthy backstory that could rival cinematic tales. In this brief post, a glimpse into his backstory may revolve around Kai Tak.

You see, as Ajmal embarked on his evening out to attend a Bikeathon briefing for a charitable ride across Cambodia and Thailand in December, he traversed through the Kai Tak MTR station. Although the airport has vanished into history, the station remains as a nostalgic touchstone.

At the Christian Alliance School in Fu Ning street, Kowloon, where he shared his experiences of cross-country hand cycling, the mention of Kai Tak resonated with many attendees.

Kai Tak, once a paramount city airport, stood at the bustling edge of a cramped city, offering an exhilarating gateway for residents like Ajmal, who holds Hong Kong dear. The city, entwined with memories of Kai Tak, was a cornerstone of Ajmal's connection to home and an airport befitting one of the globe's most thrilling metropolises.

Our ongoing narrative, which spotlights Ajmal's preparation for his upcoming 2500km hand-cycling expedition across the Baltic states and Scandinavia, originates in Hong Kong—now from Chek Lap Kok, not Kai Tak. Nevertheless, the unbroken thread of his backstory remains.

This story harks back to a young man who confronted critical injury at 21, propelling him into a life constrained by a wheelchair. Undeterred, he continually rose to surmount life's trials, ultimately crafting a triumph that countless aspire to but few realize.

Ajmal now crisscrosses the world, igniting inspiration for self-belief, urging people to embrace their aspirations and chase their passions. A globe-trotter by nature, Ajmal's travel ardor first took flight at Kai Tak, a reminiscence that remains etched in his heart."

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