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Autumnal Cycles Part 2.

Two giants stand in unison: colossal boulders scattered across the Norwegian landscape, are a silent witnesses to the titanic forces of the last ice age, and Ajmal Samuel, though dwarfed in scale, commands immense respect from those who follow him, embodying unwavering determination and indomitable resilience, an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing him.

Ah, Autumn, that enchanting interlude in the ever-turning wheel of seasons, becomes an exquisite allegory for Ajmal Samuel and his iResolve challenge, revealing a profound connection to the process of transformation, both physical and mental.

As the vibrant hues of nature's transformation mirror his own journey, where the wheels and pedals of his hand-cycle have tirelessly turned for some 45 days, spanning a remarkable 2500km, he finds inspiration in the graceful dance of falling leaves and the poignant reminder of the ever-changing world around him.

Forests on the road to Rana

Ajmal reflects here;

'Contemplating the past 45 days has felt somewhat surreal. What initially began as a foray into the demanding realm of long-distance endurance hand cycling with a specific goal – completing the iResolve challenge – gradually evolved into a profound philosophical journey. This transformation led me towards a different form of indulgence: an immersion in the beauty of the journey and the diverse landscapes I traversed. These places, each with its unique character, prompted deep reflections on my connection to this land and its relationship to the monumental task I had undertaken. The outcome was a profound sense of comprehension, realizing my place in the ecosystem, which, compared to the task at hand, appeared minuscule. This newfound perspective became my source of focus and determination.'

Ah Autumn, a spellbinding season when the vibrant greens of summer gracefully retire, yielding to a tapestry of crimson, gold, and rust.

As the sun's warm embrace mellows, the world takes on a colder hue, reminding us that life, much like journeys, encompasses both pleasures and challenges. We recognize that for every downhill stretch, an uphill climb awaits, and for every warm day, a colder one lurks on the horizon.

Forest white moss resembles snow, a harbinger of the imminent cold winter ahead.

Dry days transform into wet ones, energetic moments into weary ones, and happiness into somber reflections. Days of pain. Days of joy. Autumn embodies change and challenge, a harbinger of the impending winter's chill. Yet, it also heralds the promise of spring, with its renewal, restoration, and newfound energy, where goals and dreams take root once more.

Ajmal reflects here;

'As we steadily near our destination, it becomes evident that one chapter is drawing to a close. However, the abundant learning derived from this journey is poised to usher in new beginnings, serving as the bedrock for life's transformation – much like the true essence of spring'.

Ajmal Samuel rolls into Åkrestrømmen as the mercury drops to a chilly 4 degrees. A warm hotel and hot meal beckons, after another long day on high passes through Innlandet county, Norway.

Autumn, the time of harvest, beckons us to gather the fruits of our labor, both tangible and spiritual, and prepare for the homely serenity of winter. It's a season where nature dons its most poetic attire, a prelude to winter and a time in transition.

For Ajmal Samuel, the winter ahead is a period of reflection. A time to process all that has transpired on this recent journey of discover, and a period to draw conclusions that will help plan new adventures for the coming summer.

Ajmal Reflects here;

'As I immersed myself in this journey, I gleaned invaluable lessons, both practical and philosophical, that will guide me in future challenges and expeditions. This holds great significance, as it is through such lessons that we instigate change and enhance the journey of our lives.'

TOTAL DISTANCE COVERED: 2,416.7Km (6th October 2023)

Day 45 -Rana to Tangen 74.29

Day 44 -Åkrestrømmen to Rana 70.65

Day 43 -Rest Day. Åkrestrømmen Rendalen

Day 42 -Tynset to Åkrestrømmen Rendalen 74.66km

Day 41-Berkak to Tynset 93.06km

Day 40 -Trondheim to Berkak 72.58km

Day 39 -Rest Day. Trondheim

Day 38 -Sticklestad to Trondheim 95.50km

Day 37 -Kvam to Sticklestad 56.46km

Day 36 -Harran to Steinkjer 71.98km

Day 35 -Namsskogen to Harran 61.60km

Day 34 -Mosjoen to Namsskogen (Car)

Day 33 -Rest day Mosjoen

Day 32 -Nensa to Mosjoen 70km

Day 31 -Mo I Rana to Nensa 66.45Km

Day 30 -Rest day Mo I Rana

Day 29 -Meravan to Mo I Rana 98.01km

Day 28 -Slussfors to Hermavan 85.17km

Day 27 -Storuman to Slussfors. 62.00km

Day 26 -Lycksele to Storuman 102.9km

Day 25 -Vindeln to Lycksele 75.75 km

Day 24 -Holmsund to Vindeln 75.7km

Day 23 -Vaasa to Holmsund (Ferry Ride)

Day 22 -Rest day Vaasa

Day 21- Rest day Vaasa

Day 20 -Narpes to Vaasa 79.8km

Day 19- Merikarvia to Närpes 93.76 km

Day 18 -Pori to Merikarvia 52.8km

Day 17- Rauma to Pori 57.9km

Day 16 -Uusikaupunki to Rauma 47.4km

Day 15 -Turku to Uusikaupunki 73.5km

Day 14 -Helsinki to Turku (Car)

Day 13 -Tallin to Helsinki (Ferry ride)

Day 12- Tallin Rest & Recharge

Day 11- Märjamaa to Tallin 72.17

Day 10 -Pärnu linn to Märjamaa 64.1km

Day 9- Pärnu Rest & Recharge

Day 8 - Salacgriva to Pärnu 75km

Day 7 - Riga to Salacgriva 104.4km

Day 6 - Riga Rest and Recharge

Day 5 - Plieņciema kāpa to Riga 60.14Km

Day 4 - Kuldiga to Plieņciema kāpa 108.59Km

Day 3 - Liepāja to Kuldīga 97.34Km

Day 2 - Sventājato Liepāja 62.11Km

Day 1 - Klaipeda to Sventāja 42.89Km

Join the expedition, follow updates, and tag along on this inspiring adventure."

ASF has carefully chosen Resolve to be the beneficiary for 2023: Resolve is a charity founded in 2017 that helps create change makers in our community to drive a more inclusive city. Their signature program is a Fellowship that has so far supported over 70 emerging community leaders from diverse walks of life. There have been five cohorts of the fellowship on racial equality, ending gender-based violence, disABILITIES and empowerment, wellbeing and health and (E)quality Education for all.

Visit the following URL in order to support the "I Resolve Challenge" and visit the following URL in order to support the "I Resolve Challenge" and give:


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