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2019 Dream Ride – The Manchurian Trek

Trekking through Manchuria is hard enough. But trekking when you’re in a wheelchair? That is what this year’s Krankin’ thru China’s 2019 Dream Ride is all about. Over 37 days, a core team of seven individuals will do precisely this and we need your support and encouragement!

The mission of Krankin’ thru China is to hold both large and small interactive events throughout the year, getting people out and aware of possibilities that can improve their lives. We will continue to meet with individuals to help them push their own limits and explore their potential.

This year, we will also work to raise money for individuals with SCIs affected by pressure sore injuries. We will be working with a Nanjing-based hospital specialising in the treatment of pressuresore injuries, as we share information along our route and attempt to create a joint fund so that those in need can receive education and treatment.

We have a core team of seven riders, both disabled and able-bodied, that come from China, Hong Kong and Australia.  We will also be joined at various point by members of local cycling groups that will ride with use for one to three days.

Itinerary and Route

We will start in Beijing and end in Mohe.

We will cover a distance of 2,500 km.

We estimate that it will take us 37 days to complete this feat.


27May 2019Depart from Beijing

29May 2019Exchange in Tangshan

7June 2019Exchange in Shenyang

13June 2019Exchange in Changchun

18June 2019Exchange in Harbin

4July 2019Arrive in Mohe


This trip will include three major elements: personal challenge, interaction with local communities and cultural exploration. These will be recorded using photographs and video with a regular live feed going out on platforms to be confirmed, as well as through Facebook, Instagram and WeChat.

Personal Challenge

This trip is a challenge for each of us in different ways and we hope to record each individual’s experience/growth with daily video journals of 30 seconds or less. This will be included in a final video documentary of the trip.

Community Interaction

In major cities and along our route, we will interact with a range of communities, sharing our story and increasing awareness about our goals, including the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, while also breaking the stigma of physical disabilities. Major cities will include large-scale education and fundraising events for the benefit of treatment of pressure sores.

Cultural Exploration

China is a culturally rich country and despite the remoteness of some of our destinations, we will be departing from China’s capital, passing by the Great Wall, Shenyang the formal ‘sacred-capital’ of the Qing Dynasty, Changchun the former seat of Japanese influence in the northeast and Russian-influenced Harbin. We will share and spread this cultural richness online and offline.

Please support us by following us on Facebook and Instagramand also by donating for this valuable cause.

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