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African Adrenalin Adventure (coming soon)

Thunderstorm over the Hakskeenpan, Northern Cape, South Africa

Ajmal's forthcoming African adrenaline adventure is more than just a passing whim; it's a chapter in his larger quest for inspiration. Nestled between his upcoming cycling event in Cambodia and Thailand in late December, this journey takes him to the enigmatic continent of Africa, a place he admits knowing very little about.

Africa, the wild and mysterious cradle of mankind, where anthropologists contend that all of humanity has its origins, has always held a special allure for Ajmal. The African Eve theory, also known as the Out of Africa theory, postulates that modern humans, Homo sapiens, originated on this ancient land and then embarked on their global journeys. It asserts that, regardless of our nationalities or birthplaces, our DNA invariably traces back to African roots.

Rust detail, rail bogie, Neupoort, Karoo, South Africa.

Ajmal's African odyssey will predominantly unfold in South Africa, home to the Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for its wealth of fossil evidence that illuminates the intricate tapestry of human evolution. The region houses numerous limestone caves and fossil sites that have unearthed some of the world's most significant hominid fossils.

In this expanse of extraordinary history, Ajmal seeks human stories, particularly those of people living with disabilities. His fascination with Africa isn't only a bucket-list item; it's a quest for the wild, the beautiful, and the inspiring. Not only will Africa fire his imagination, but the people he meets along the way will also become sources of inspiration.

Blyde River, Mpumalanga, South Africa

His ambitious plan encompasses starting in Cape Town and concluding in Namibia. The essence of this journey is to embrace the unstructured "free time," to drive, dive, ride, kayak, paraglide, fly, stargaze, and share stories around desert campfires. These exceptional locations will not only stir his own creativity but also lay the foundations for future inclusivity rides.

Jeep Cherokee, Northern Cape/Namibia border

Flying over the Skeleton coast, Nambia

Great White Cage Diving. Gaans Baai, South Africa (photo courtesy of google)

Meeting the San Bushman, Kalahari South Africa.

Stay tuned for a series of forthcoming blogs, with a new post every Wednesday over the next month, as well as short blogs every other day throughout his journey. Additionally, a short film chronicling Ajmal's African adventure will captivate audiences across his social media platforms and website in early 2024.

Table Mountain, seen from Blouberg Strand, South Africa.

Keep an eye out for the exciting updates to come.

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